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New Era High School & Junior College in the heart of Dombivli

Located in the heart of Dombivli, New Era High School & Junior College provides an enriched education through the National Curriculum for India, modelled on the richness of the best international approaches to education.


To educate young minds and foster ethical,social and moral values through holistic learning to bloom into responsible global citizens.


Strive relentlessly and vigorously - to realisethe vision - by making the best use of quality infrastructure, resources and experienced, talented and committed faculty.


Our goal is to provide inclusive, high quality education to all students in technology enabled task based learning environment.

High Standard Facilities

NEHS has high Standard facilities that have been designed to ignite the imagination of our students. The facilities stimulate mental, social and spiritual development.

Tech. Enhanced Learning

Smart boards are being installed in every classrooms of NEHS. It provide students with an enriched learning experience by projecting visual elements to boost their understanding.

Nurturing Environment

We embrace a caring social and emotional learning environment that provides an all rounded education while developing the cognitive organizational and social skills in our students that are required for a rapidly changing 21st Century.

Creative Learning

Our uniqueness has in our approach to art. We focus on the process and on the journey to enjoy art enhancing student’s mental and social development, interpersonal and social skills.

Little Inventors

Every year Science Exhibition is organized by the little inventors in a very innovative manner. Each inventor gets an opportunity to present their projects based on science and technology.

news & upcoming events

Founder Day

Founders Day - A day of giving

Fancy Dress Competition

Life Is A Party Dress Like It.

Debate Competition

Build Students’ Confidence and Self-Esteem through Debate

Annual Sports

It was a fun filled day, with children bursting with energy

Fun & Fair

Come One, Come All !

Annual Day

It's party tym