English Club

An English Club has been set up at school to increase the awareness and skills of students in the English language. The club is conducted for the students of STD. I to X. The following activities are carried out.

  • Newspaper reading
  • Story writing
  • Learning new words
  • Puzzles
  • Use of thesaurus

The students participates actively in all the events. The club helps in increasing the interest of students in the English language. It also introduces them to new ideas and concepts.

Math Club

The primary goal of the Math Club is to encourage students to appreciate math, to enjoy the subject, and to employ individual and creative ways of finding solutions to mathematical problems. Through our fun and engaging hands-on activities, students improves their conceptual understanding of abstract math concepts and encourages to be active participants in their success and confidence in math.

The Math Club is a program that gives students the opportunity to engage in mathematics that is non-competitive, fun and different from "textbook."

Our club consists of models in various branches of mathematics such as, Geometry, Algebra and Arithmetic. These models are designed to help students verify formulae results and applications.