Assembly and meditation.


An assembly aims to create, nurture and sustain a sense of community. It serves to develop a positive culture that affirms the school’s identity and aspirations.
As a result, the school lives in cohesive harmony and sustains the pursuit of excellence in all its forms. Apart from the daily prayer, the assembly is a platform where general announcements are made, birthdays and anniversaries of great personalities are highlighted, festivals and their importance in our cultural life are acknowledged through songs and plays. Students and teachers celebrating their birthdays on that particular day are also greeted warmly.

Meditation is also a key element in the assembly as it has several crucial elements, like:

Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to leading the students in a reflective exercise.

Encouraging the students to sit in a relaxed, comfortable, and still manner.

Developing their ability to use the inner eye of imagination.

Observing their thoughts in order to nurture positive images that support positive behavior.