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Speech & Drama – NES

Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama

Drama is an integral part of JB culture and the school is well known for its novel, unique plays that challenge conventional themes, as well as innovative styles of doing theatre. It is no surprise therefore that Speech and Drama begin at a very young age in school, and are seamlessly woven into the academic program at each grade level.
At the primary school level, given that the students are really young, Speech and Drama activities pack in an element of fun, action, and movement.

Speech (Areas focussed on):-
Clarity, diction, articulation, pronunciation, pausing, phrasing, voice modulation, enunciation, emphasis, tone, pitch, pace, etc.

Activities undertaken:-
Poems and rhymes, tongue twisters, playlets, talk time (talking extempore on simple topics) debates (current topics), improvisations, etc.

Drama (Areas focussed on):-
Expression, observing, listening and reacting, gestures, body movements, stage presence, stage layout, and positions, etc.

Activities undertaken:-
Improvisation (in pairs/groups), mime, skits, playlets, dramatic narrations, individual and choral recitation of poems and excerpts with expression, mood n mime, etc.
The sessions allow the students to express themselves in a confident, innovative, and creative manner while enjoying the process of drama and the exhilaration of performance on stage.