We nurture children’s overall development

At NEHS, children develop a love for lifelong learning, cultivate independent thinking, build their character and gain the confidence and skills they need to face tomorrow’s challenges.
We offer a well-balanced education based on structured learning, modern teaching methods.
Through the rigorous yet stress-free and engaging learning experience we provide, students flourish academically, emotionally, and intellectually.

We foster deeper learning experiences

When children can see the real-life application of what they learn, they become more independent and eager to try new things.
They keep finding creative solutions to meaningful problems beyond the classroom, expanding the borders of what they’re learning.
This empowers your children to take ownership of what they learn, ask thoughtful questions and become more confident in expressing their views.

We personalize your child’s educational experience

Our teachers take the time to know every child on an individual level. That way, they can personalize a student’s learning experience based on their unique needs and interests.
Every NEHS teacher is selected based on their qualifications, shared values, and extensive experience with numerous students.
As a result, children benefit from consistent, high-quality teaching and an inclusive, positive environment where they can develop bonds with teachers and peers alike.

We cultivate a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Our warm and welcoming school atmosphere encourages a sense of belonging so children can feel safe to learn, grow and fully explore their ideas.
Our spacious and bright classrooms have also been carefully designed to facilitate a favorable and stimulating learning environment for students throughout their entire school journey.
With ample space for sports, art, music and other extracurricular activities, we aim to bring out the best in children and increase their sense of well-being.