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Physical Education – NES

Physical Education

Physical Education

The Physical Education Programme at New Era High School aims to support our students’ holistic development by offering a wide variety of activities aimed at improving individual fitness levels and developing comfort with each activity. The overarching goal of our school program is to motivate each student to find and pursue, physical activity as a lifelong hobby.

Emphasis is placed on the acquisition and development of positive personal attitudes such as individual effort, teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship, as well as the enhancement of key attributes such as dedication, enthusiasm, integrity, patience, and perseverance. Emphasis is placed on participation and learning, rather than on competition.

An age-appropriate sports syllabus has been formulated and implemented for the school. The School Physical Education Programme enables students to acquire basic skills such as eye-hand coordination, motor skills, body awareness, and expression, as well as gain a general awareness about team cooperation, sports rules, and health-related fitness.