The Chairman & Pioneer Late Shri Harendra Narayanji Sejpal Founded Gujarati Seva Mandal’s – New Era High School in the year 1993.  In the early nineties, the management felt the need for a school providing quality education at affordable fees in Kalyan –Dombivili area.

New Era High School is led by the dynamic and versatile Mrs. Lata Harendra Sejpal. Despite of the many hindrances, these enthusiastic Couples were successful in their mission and devoted themselves to the cause of the institution with the sole objective of imparting qualitative education which ensures all-round development of a child’s personality so that he can cope with the latest scientific and technological advancement in a rapidly changing society. The school is run with a philanthropic objective as it is established for the noble cause of imparting affordable quality education the institution is developing and progressing by leaps and bounds and today, we are proud to be the guardians of the spirit of achievement and thus our aim today is to reach the sky by enabling students to fly high.

NEHS is poised to offer an education comparable to the best anywhere. Its design and facilities, with the emphasis on the latest educational technology, help the student attain their fullest academic potential and create a challenging atmosphere in the equally rich fields of physical, cultural, and artistic endeavor. Thus encouraging students to be competent in their chosen fields and at the same time develop into good and caring human beings who would make a difference to the society at large.

Our school aspires not simply to adapt to the constant changes in the needs of its learners and the society they will create, but to harness and accelerate that change in all ways it can. This ambitious goal has all its members constantly reinventing themselves, and creating personalized, differentiated solutions for every learner. Whether it has been in embracing technology, cutting edge learning techniques, ever-evolving pedagogy, or our focused efforts on the learner-driven study, the student is always at the nucleus of all our endeavors.

Through a careful selection of academic elements that include the development of the physical, mental and moral faculties, our learning experience has a holistic touch to it.

We aim to provide an excellent environment where a student develops a well-rounded personality and rises to his optimal potential. Our overarching vision is to make education a fun-filled, enjoyable, learning, and growing experience built on a solid foundation of value.